iOS Image Editing Apps You Must Explore This Year

A great visual content is not only critical for growth on various platforms but also likely to encourage increasing conversions. A shining, polished and pixel-perfect image is easier to achieve with the help of photo editing apps. These apps work phenomenally to upgrade the quality of images. Image editing apps for iOS allow you to explore your creative side and craft unique pieces of art. In this blog, we have aggregated a list of the best iOS image editing apps that you must give a try this year. Let’s explore:

The Best iOS Image Editing Apps: 


A full featured, layer-based image editing app, Pixelmator has a comprehensive set of features that include layer-based image editing, sketch, and paint. It also allows creating advanced image compositions on iPad and iPhone. This app works great for a mobile photographer, mobile painter and graphic designer also. It is an easy-to-use app with all the advanced functionality.

You will get to discover features that are mere basic like auto color correction and beauty tools for advanced functionality like layer based editing and brush. This app works even better with iPad. With interesting features to transform your photographs, this app fully justifies its price.


Snapseed is yet another great image editing app. It is a great application to have. Other than being completely free, it’s comprehensive editing features to modify your photographs from interesting to amazing. It features some filters and expert tools to adjust your photos to perfection. The app features dozens of tools to play and edit with. It allows users to be as precise as possible via editing on an iPad. It is simple and streamlined with fun and fast filters. Producing stunning results is one of its amazing quality.


Mextures makes it easy to apply a texture to your iPhone images. It comes with a wide range of effects including light leaks, gradients and grain. Every single effect is adjustable. It allows you to edit the images quickly via hand-crafted formulas. It features over 150 textures with 12 different blending modes. Each new layer adds a dynamic range of possibilities. This app allows you to stack an unlimited number of layers. The layer system is intuitive. It allows you to switch to any layer to edit textures.


LightX is a free image editor that allows you to create photo collages and insert photo frames to the pictures. The app has been created to be fun and easy in addition to being powerful. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to edit images. Its hardcore, editors, filters and beauty tools for selfie lovers make it amazingly interesting. In terms of usability and effectiveness also, the app functions far better than expected. 


This iOrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp is extremely popular amongst so many social media influencers and selfie addicts. Facetune app has simplified the process with few powerful functionalities like retouch photos, remove blemishes and so on. The app brings forth pre-level editing capabilities and allows you to tweak, reshape, patch, defocus, add frames/filters to any of the photos that have been taken on iPhone.

Photoshop Fix:

This powerful well-developed photo editing app allows you to effortlessly touch, smoothen, lighten photos on iPad to your heart’s content. You can edit high-resolution images as large as 64 megapixels without worrying about slowdowns. The tool handles anything you create on iPad Pro or Apple Pencil. The app is extremely popular amongst social media enthusiasts, selfie addicts and photographers. 

Visage Makeup Editor:

Visage editor is an all-in-one photo editor that enhances overall photos by applying effects, stickers, whitening smiles, removing blemishes and much more. This image editor instantly retouches images and lets you add some special effects. It also features a “Pop Art Style” filter that makes your selfies look Warhol-esque. It also has some interesting backgrounds along with lighting and colour features.

Wrapping It Up!

See how iOS editing apps make it easier to create and share visual content. Undoubtedly, mastering these apps will definitely require a bit of practice but if you are not sure, just look around. Decide your marketing goals first and then ask yourself what kind of photos can help you accomplish them. After deciding, you will be able to select the best apps from the list. So, start getting visual now! To know more about image and video editing, let us know.

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