One Amazing Printer That Does it All – HP Envy Photo Printer

Time and time again we have been told to avoid printing if you can so we can save the trees. This has been going on for years and we definitely do print less. However, we haven’t got to the point where printing is obsolete and if we have to print we might as well do it with the best, affordable printer available on the market.

The HP Envy Photo 6230 is an Inkjet printer that not only prints but scan and does photocopying as well. The iOS and Android app is the perfect combination and allows you to print all your documents from your phone. The HP Envy Photo 6230 prints your picture as well and they do come out looking amazing. The printer comes with a free sample pack of photo paper so you can print size 4″ x 6” to see the quality. Printing a photo took me about 20-25 seconds. A 10-page A4 size document took me approximately 15 seconds to complete, talk about speedy printing.

The HP smart app lets you do a lot more, like linking your Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive account so you can easily print your documents or photos that you have stored, so there’s no need to send your files to your PC to download them. You can also check the printer ink level using the app. You can scan a document, select a file type, either JPG or PDF and send it to email. The app has notifications settings that allow you to be alerted should a problem arise with your printer.

Setting up the print was fairly easy, the app did a walkthrough to get me up and running within minutes. The printer connected to my Wi-Fi with no issues. The ink cartridge was easily installed. The printer is light and compact. The paper is stored in a holder so not on show to look untidy. HP provides an ink subscription which allows you to get ink delivered to your door before they run out. The printer is smart enough to notify HP of your print style and automatically order ink under a monthly subscription. You only sign up if you want to, there is still the old fashion option of going to the stores to get ink cartridges.

The HP Envy Photo printer is perfect for my home office and it tucked away with no paper showing. If you are looking for a new printer, then look no further than the HP Envy and for only £79, you can’t go wrong.