10 Apps For iPhone That Lets you be more Productive

When it comes to studying and working, there are obligations or activities that you do not have to leave for tomorrow and you can do them today. It is what has now been called procrastinating. These ‘apps’ help us organize and make better use of time.

Wasting time is a habit in which we have all fallen once in a lifetime. These are situations in which we are able to spend hours and hours doing nothing, looking at the computer screen and postponing those obligations or activities that, taking into account the saying, should not be left for tomorrow and can be done today. It’s what they call procrastinating now.

These are some applications which iPhone app developer organize and it offers tools and techniques to organize yourself and make the most of your time, helping you to get out of the loop of procrastination.


“The Evernote for creatives.” If you want to organised your projects and set tasks to complete on time, then Milanote is the app to download. It’s an easy way to collect and collate notes. Ideal for content creators, Marketers, Designers, Agencies, Developers, and Photographers. Free iOS and Andriod App to that syncs with your computer.


Thought to set your goals, achieve your goals, successfully complete tasks, break with bad habits, and focus on your obligations. In addition, the ‘Goalify Coach’ section offers dynamic reminders and useful tips.

Google Keep

Your main objective is to put your ideas in order and pending activities. It allows the addition of notes labeling them by colors, record voice reminders that will be transcribed by the application or extract text from images.


Are you ready to restart your productivity? This is how the installation of this “functional” app starts to organize and update the obligations. Designed to create lists, tasks, assign start and delivery dates, attach labels, and even establish “energy” levels and time for each project.


This application will not help you organize your tasks or warn you of the work to be delivered, but it will improve your memory and attention. It is a daily training program for your brain, through cognitive activities.

Nozbe To Do

This app will allow you to organize effectively and fulfill your tasks and objectives. You can easily increase your productivity by adding tasks, creating projects, and synchronizing it with any device on your smartphone. In addition, you will receive notifications notifying about relegated tasks, mentions, and deadlines for delivery of work or projects.

Schedule scheduler

As its name suggests, this application is made to help you plan your daily tasks by category and priority.


Gather a variety of useful tools to “put your life in order”. Control habits, establish goals and projects, or perform a meditation session is possible with this app.


It is an indispensable tool for the organization of workgroups. With which to decide who is responsible for each task, through organization boards? Allows tracking of tasks with ‘checklists’. To help you remember the part of the work that you must develop and be able to solve doubts with your colleagues.

WorkApp: Be more productive

With this app, you can acquire habits that allow you to be more productive in your day today, with the Pomodoro technique -a method created in 1980 to improve time management-.