Training Their Brain with a Tablet: Best mobile Games for Children

Despite our misgivings about the excessive use of computers by our children, it is an inevitable evolutionary process that we cannot ignore.

What’s more, if you decide to completely prohibit your child from using these games, his “more advanced” peers may exclude him, so he may feel inferior to the rest. Even in the future, this could have even worse consequences in terms of social disparity, since the relationship between human beings and computers will evolve to ever higher levels.

I’m not sure what kind of relationship this will be in the future. We could end up perfectly as in the typical dystopian societies that we all know and that scare us, and that are even more terrifying for the generation of our parents.

We are not in a position to stop the strong and growing synergy that human beings form with computers, but we can educate our children and teach them what computers are for. We can make them understand what their purpose is and who controls whom. We should not let computers control our lives, but we can use them to make our lives easier, without having to sell our soul or lose the ability to communicate in real life.

In short, if you cannot control them, it is best to guide them in the right direction. In this debacle between parents and children, we have a privileged position, with much power, experience and wisdom, so that an agreement can be reached. It’s all in our hands!

But let’s return to the issue of computers in their broad multidimensional meaning.

Nowadays, there is not almost a single family that does not have a tablet. Children are crazy about them and consume anything that falls into their networks and that entertains them.

It is understood that the type of content may vary. Many parents face situations in which some games cause hysteria, apathy, trances, aggression, violence, and sometimes end in attacks of panic, sleepless nights and other types of mental disorders (which, when they happen regularly, can happen to be permanent disorders).

We must not let our children enter this dangerous world without the guidance of an experienced person. We must measure and filter the content so that it is really useful in the multidimensional development of our children and helps them in their process of self-realization.

In search of treasure

In the 80s I fell in love with the games of completing missions when my friends and I played at all times Space Quest, King’s Quest and other titles of the company Sierra On-Line. I remember it as if it were yesterday, by the way, these games motivated me to learn English and the teachers hallucinated with my vocabulary.

Unfortunately, Sierra no longer exists, but the human being has not changed: there must always be a motivation to achieve a goal, and the missions are very motivating. Curiosity (“And, what comes next?”) Makes the brain work, seek solutions and develop new skills.

To paraphrase the character of Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street: “Curiosity is good, it works”. Curiosity is the main driver in the development of a child and should be exploited.

There is a wide variety of mobile games to complete missions. My latest discovery has been Machinarium (courtesy of Serge Malenkovich). A beautiful imaginary world, with funny characters, very ingenious missions, a clear paradigm between good and evil and good causes. Has it all.

Tactile and visual perception

Another issue that you should consider is the developer, not the game itself. Toca Boca is the company that is behind dozens of mobile game development company has the specialized aimed at developing the skills of children of any age.

I remember as if it was yesterday how my two-year-old son played Toca Hair Salon (Toca’s hair salon, in Spanish) and taught me to control movements that I did not completely know. I cut the characters’ hair, talked to them, and then, wow! With a funny gesture, he returned to the main screen. Wait, can you do it again? I had no idea! And nobody had taught it to my son! I still do not understand how he did it, maybe it’s by magic, by a really intuitive interface.

What is inside?

Curiosity fuels interest in certain activities. There is a wide variety of mobile applications that branch off the disciplines of the natural sciences. Just try a couple of games of each subject that you remember from the institute, this may help your child understand what motivates him and establish goals from childhood.

For example, you can start with The Human Body of Tinybop. It is a great application to learn, without realizing, the different parts of the human body. It also has a parental control option, although we never use it: we play and learn together.

Art and essay

The brain is like a muscle. When you work without first heating, you produce an excess of lactic acid, which produces an unpleasant sensation. When you work too hard, it can be damaged. This implies that you should give your brain a break from time to time, and that is how my children and I do it on the tablet.

We perform simple movements with as little mental effort as possible, but it also works in development, for example, in aesthetic terms.

The Rubik of Asher

Have you already rested? Let’s go back to the exercise!

The next mental game is a small application that helps the development of spatial orientation and cures some common diseases such as despair. I present to you Monument Valley (and its various clones).

It is an incredible game, involving both children and adults. The universe of The Prince of Saint-Exupéry, Prince of Persia and the paradoxical mental games of the Asher enigma’s style are embedded in the game very elegantly. As soon as you move the wheel, the picture changes in such a way that you do not know if Ida will find a way to reach her destination. But as soon as you move the adjacent wheel and press a button, Eureka! Everything changes and you can reach the next level.