How to Watch the FIFA World Cup on iPhone and iPad

The first official world cup match is due to kick off in 2 days (a day for some depending on where you live in the world). Come Thursday 14th June 2018 we will see the first opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The competition will then run until 15th July 2018. Of course, we will want to keep up with the results and watch matches whilst we are out and about. One of the best ways to watch the competition is with Navixsport App.

Navixsport is available in the Appstore free of cost. Follow your favourite sports teams news, Events, Stats, Transfers & more with Navixsport. You can get notified when your favourite teams are about to start.

If you are in the UK BBC and ITV will cover the games, you can go to to watch games on ITV and BBC TV channel. It’s free to do so but requires you to register for the service).

Enjoy the World Cup.