5 Things That Make Android Still Better Than iOS

There are many reasons why Android users feel much better than iOS users. Both operating systems are dominating the mobile industry and we have seen numerous debates regarding which one is better. We would see frequent clashes between fans in different reviews. However, we should know that each platform has its own pros and cons. But, it appears that Android does have a slight edge over Apple’s mobile operating system. Just like iOS, Android is also an excellent productivity platform that can help us to collaborate much more easily. People also find it much easier to play casino games such as Nederland online casinos on Android phones’ Android is able to coexist with many different platforms in the market and it is natural for us to have a particular tendency towards any of the mobile platform. Here are unique benefits of Android:

1. Choices: It is easy to see that there are many smartphone models on the market that sports Google’s mobile platform. So, when choosing Android device, there should be a nearly endless amount of models to choose from. Android devices are known for the sheer variety and the choice is quite staggering, such as Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Huawei and many others. Some models are priced at lower rates and they have many different features. In comparison, Apple is known for only a few models and it almost never releases two smartphone models simultaneously. There are also different sizes of Android devices.

2. Customization: It is one of the most important factors about Android. Apple keeps a tight control of built-in apps to ensure homogenous experience. Android provides more options, so we are able to customize the device. As an example, we should be able to install many free apps and launchers for customization purposes. Tweaking and changing factory settings should be easy to do. We are able to change simple things like using an alternative keyboard and live wallpapers. Installing custom ROM should also be easy to do.

3. Free apps: Google Playstore and Apple App Store offer many free apps and they are locked in an intense battle in this sector, such as which one can provide more apps. It is estimated that Google Playstore offers 50 per cent more free apps than Apple and it’s a perfect solution for people with limited budget. However, app developers for iOS devices tend to generate more income than for Android.

4. Better integration: When using Android devices, it’s very easy to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of the company’s services. Going online is much easier to do, especially because they can get so much information from Google’s own service.

5. Lower prices: Android devices are known for their reasonable pricing and it is quite easy for users to obtain much cheaper smartphone models. With iOS, people are restricted to buying just a specific set of devices. With Android, we are able to choose a smartphone model based on our preferences and budget. Not everyone needs a high-speed processor, very crisp display and excellent cameras. With decent Android smartphones, we should be able to obtain the best deal possible.

It is clear that there are significant advantages with using Android device, which may outweigh iOS devices, depending on our preferences.

Image via getvoip