7 Reasons the iPhone X Beats Any Android Smartphone

There’s no denying that top Android device manufacturers have released a long list of formidable smartphones in recent years. They are pretty impressive in their own right. Despite all the new additions and enhancement Android devices bring to the table, the latest iPhone model still has an edge in different areas.

1. Blazing fast processor: The A11 Bionic processor is a true speed demon and it is unbeatable. While latest Snapdragon CPUs, including the 845, improve upon the capability of earlier processors, the A11 is still the king. Apple’s processor fares better in many benchmark results. High-end Android devices still have a big hill to climb, if they want to finally close the wide performance gap.

2. Face ID: Many people were sceptic about the Face ID and they thought, it’s just a gimmick. Replacing fingerprint reader with a facial recognition scanner seemed like a bold move. However, Apple manages to prove that Face ID is quite useful for many purposes. It can be used to confirm various online transactions. Unlocking the phone with the face recognition feature enabled is also very intuitive.

3. OLED panel: When you use the iPhone X, it is immediately apparent that the phone offers an impressive OLED experience. When stacked up against various OLED-equipped Android devices, the iPhone X appears to be better, with natural-looking colours, wider viewing angles and realistic white balance.

4. Siri: Siri is still better than Google assistant. Although Siri isn’t flawless, it integrates better with many 3rd party apps. It could also perform many functional tasks, such as creating reminders, dictating texts and setting timers.

5. Apps: Google Play surely defeats App Stores in terms of the number of apps that users can install. However, the quality gap is still noticeable. When downloading Android apps, we will more than occasionally find junk apps with the poor interface and limited usability. Apple has a better job of screening apps that they approve in the App Store. Even if you use a fancy Android smartphone, your experience will be ruined when you find that a recently-installed app looks and works terribly. It’s something that you won’t experience with the iPhone.

6. Front-facing camera: The iPhone X has an amazing front-facing camera with TrueDepth technology. As an example, you can blur out the background to make a more compelling self-portrait. It’s also possible to completely remove the background using the Portrait Lighting effects.

7. OS updates: Apple is updating its operating systems like clockwork. Google releases new version updates regularly as well, but at the same scope as Apple. The company often releases very minor updates and each update is made available to all iOS devices at once. When using iPhone X, you can rest easy that new features, bug fixes and security patches are implemented immediately.