How to Backup your iPhone Data

We believe that backing up your data especially on iPhone is very easy and hassle-free. Most of you would be planning to get hold of new iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in coming days and also thinking to get rid of your old phones.

Smartphones and in this case, iPhones have without any doubt become the bedrock of our digital lives and unfortunately, mobile phones are always in danger of getting damaged, lost or even stolen. It’s a fact we store our most precious memories in mobile phones and we do not want to lose them at any cost. We want our memories last forever and our memories are our preferences all the time. In other words, our data is important for us and we should treat it very carefully by having a great backup strategy. This will help us secure and protect our data no matter what happens.

We all know that our iPhones store all of our videos, photos, messages, important files, calls details and settings. Most iPhone users think that their iPhones are capable of backing up the data automatically and data is saved at iCloud. Well, that’s true but only for less space of data. The iCloud could only backup up a maximum of 5GB of data including photos, videos, chats and other stuff. However, if you want to increase the iCloud space then you have to pay for this. This means that if you do not have enough data storage space on iCloud, you are likely to lose all of your precious memories in the form of photos, messages, videos and chats.

Fortunately backing up your iPhone securely is not that difficult and it is the best way and most important its free of cost. You can back up your iPhone or iPad data via iCloud or directly at your PC. There are different ways to back up your data.

In this article, we will cover the following topics regarding backing up the iPhone data.

– What is a Backup?

– We will learn how to backup iPhone data using iCloud service.

– How to backup data using iTunes.

First of all, let us understand exactly what a Backup means.

What is a Backup

Backup simply means to save the original data on an archive file so it may be used to restore after a data loss event. You can also lose your data if your iPhone gets damaged permanently or you want to sell your old iPhone without backing up the data. So whenever you visit a mobile phone repair shop, do a mandatory step. BACK UP YOUR DATA.

Your iPhone backup process includes the following:

– Device settings

– App Data

– iMessages

– Text messages

– Ringtones

– Passcodes

-Health Data

– HomeKit Configuration.

And if you want to backup your photos and videos in your iPhone then you have to enable your iCloud Photo Library option. There are two ways to back up your iPhone or iPad data. One is through iCloud and other is via iTunes. You can use iOS iCloud service to back up your important data or you can connect to iOS iTunes via your computer. The choice is purely your decision because both these options let you save your backup data.

iTunes backups are stored in your personal PC or Mac and if its iCloud backup then it will be stored in iCloud.

To access the data stored in iCloud, you can use Wi-Fi and if the data is stored via iTunes then you need to connect your PC or Mac where you stored your backup data.

How to enable iCloud to Backup the Data

The iCloud option is much more like a 21st-century method. It’s fast, secure and simply great. You can save your data via iCloud and if any bad thing happens to your iPhone, you can have access to your backup data by using Wi-Fi.

First of all, you have to make sure this point that iCloud Backup option is enabled your iPhone. Latest iOS versions have launched new wrinkles in the process of enabling the iCloud backups otherwise turning this feature ON works almost same in every iPhone.

Follow these steps:

– Go to Settings in your iPhone

– Tap/Touch your Apple ID option

– Then tap iCloud option

– After this iCloud Backup option will appear on your screen. Tap the option

– Flip the iCloud Backup switch. It will turn into green.

– Click Ok

As you do these steps, your iPhone will start backing up your data to iCloud. The iCloud will backup your iPhone data every 24 hours. All you have to do is to keep connected to the internet connection. Most of the time, iCloud do the backup while you sleep.

iCloud backups start automatically when your iPhone is plugged to charge and on Wi-Fi. You can also manually trigger the backup via iCloud.

How to enable iTunes to Backup the Data

Backing up your important data on your iPhone via iTunes is pretty simple and straightforward. To use this service, you need to have a PC or Mac with iTunes installed in it. Then allow your phone to communicate with your PC either by connecting the iPhone with a USB or through


Follow these steps to enable iTunes backup on your iPhone.

– First of all, install iTunes in your computer from Apple’s official website

– Then connect your iPhone to your computer

– Open iTunes folder

– Click the Device icon. It is located on the left side of the iTunes window on your computer

– Select Summary

– Click ‘This Computer’

– Tick the Box appeared in iTunes window.

– Your backup will get started to ensure that all your personal data gets a proper backup. You will need to create a password to protect your backups stored in iTunes.

– And when you finished, click Done.

Delete Everything

There is one more important step to follow before giving your old iPhone to your younger sibling or doing an iPhone screen repair.

After backing up the data, delete everything from your iPhone. And you do not need to worry because all of your precious data has been stored in iTunes or iCloud.

Also, make a habit of backing up your iPhone before downloading any software and always maintain a consistent backup routine. This will help and prevent your iPhone or iPad’s data from getting lost or stolen.