Classeats – Revolutionary iOS App for Students

As digital technology continues to improve, there are more and more apps that can help college students in any way, making their daily life a lot easier and saving them precious time. For students that want to attend classes but it’s hard for them to find a spot in a particular class, there are apps that can help them to search for classes, buy or sell seats, switching with other students on their college. We searched and found the right app for that purpose. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is Classeats?

Classeats is a helpful education app developed for IOS users, created for students, offering them to easily find their desired class and search for a spot in that class by connecting with other students. On this app, users have the chance to buy, sell or switch class with other students. The app is causing revolutions at universities and it might become the business for students at colleges. Made for all U.S universities and community colleges, the developer Nour is giving students who already registered in any full class, the option to sell their own seats at that class or to switch seats with other students in different desired class.

Why do we love this app?

This education app can be highly efficient and practical for all students that need help to find their desired class and more than that to easily find a spot in that specific class. On this app, users are able to find someone who already registered in that class and who wants to sell his or her seat because it’s not necessary for him or her and in return the user looking for spot will pay money or switch classes with that student. With the help of the app, users are offered to find a class, sell or buy their spot in a specific class by connecting with other students, texting and setting an appointment easily. If a class has a waitlist, the user can make sure he the first on the waitlist before he starts looking for seats but if a class does not have a waitlist, users can meet in person so one person can drop and the other can register at the same time. Students can rate their seller or buyer as well. Within the app, the students can search by professor name, class number, or subject to find the class they are looking for at their college to join.

Download the app now on App Store for free to search for your desired class and find a spot in it!

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