Newsvoice App, A Much Better Way of Reading The News

The news is important to all of us, that’s why it needs to be true and unbiased. Getting the latest updates needs to be fast and accurate. We also need to find out what’s going on in other parts of the world. That’s why you need a news aggregator that won’t let you down and gives readers the option to add their own news, introducing Newsvoice for iPhone and iPad.

Newsvoice is the free app with the aim of giving readers a much better experience of the news. The news we read affects our lives and at times we do tend to fall for what we are reading. With Newsvoice the app allows you to read the news and make a more conscious decision on the storyline, so you will know whether to trust it or not. There’s no unbiased news within the app. Readers can also upvote important news and move it higher on the list, you can write summaries and even add new links to interest, other users.

You can select the type of news you want to read about and the app covers 6 categories. Once you download the app you can increase or decrease the frequency of the category of news, you can choose from U.S News, World News, Politics, Technology, Business and Cryptocurrency news. You can allow notifications so you will never miss the news that’s important to you. You will need to sign-in with a google account in order to fully utilise the features of Newsvoice app. Once sign in you can add news, edit an article and report issues with any story. You can even edit the image and title of a story to what you think best suits. The power of the news is completely in the hands of the readers.

Newsvoice is free to download with no ads or in-app purchase. All you get is accurate, unbias news, created by the community for the community.