6 Apps That Help to Declutter Your Smartphone

Smartphones are like small computers and they will start to accumulate junk files. You can steadily pile up gigabytes of junk through daily activities. If your smartphones are overloaded, the overall performance will degrade and you will run out of storage space. Here are apps that you can choose to declutter your smartphone:

1. Memory & Disk Scanner Pro: It is a useful app that can help you to determine the amount of system resources that the device is consuming. You get real-time information about storage and RAM usages, such as used, free and total storage space. It is easy to determine how much junk you have in your smartphone. You can get plenty of comprehensive information, such as detailed information of each process. You can identify the junk and review it. You can remove all the junk with only a simple tap of the button.

2. Clean Master: It is an app that can help you to quickly find and remove junk. Clean Master has a dashboard interface that is easy to understand, including the amount of RAM and storage currently used. If you find that the amount of junk is already excessive you can remove it quickly.

3. Mobile Assistant: It is a free app for managing valuable resources of your smartphone. It helps you to clean cache easily and clear out things, such as wallpapers, ringtones, videos, music, downloaded files and browser cache files. It comes with various utilities, such as battery monitor, sound recorder, QR code reader, flashlight and camera apps. There are also shortcuts to common smartphone settings, such as Power Saving mode, Airplane mode, Location and Wi-Fi.

4. CCleaner: CCleaner is well known popular free software for PC that helps to reclaim storage space. For Android, it is also a highly functional app that can clean up useless files that shouldn’t occupy any space in your smartphone. You can easily delete browser histories, purge empty folders and wipe cache data.

5. Startup Manager: It is an app for controlling what your smartphone does during restart. If you have plenty of apps and files in your smartphone, the overall booting process can be too long. An app could run in the background, which consumes a small amount of hardware power. If you have a dozen of apps that behave similarly, the effect can be quite substantial. The Startup Manager app helps you to determine what should be loaded during startup. With this app, you will find out that many of these apps are not really needed regularly. It takes only a single tap to remove an app from the startup list. The app works on a un-rooted device, so it is a simple thing to do.

6. Duplicate Contacts & Utilities: Socially active individuals can have hundreds or even thousands of contacts in their smartphone. Unfortunately, having too many contacts in your smartphone can have an effect on performance. When you want to call or text someone, the process can be longer because your smartphone needs to load so many contact details. A good way to streamline this is by deleting duplicate contacts. Deleting duplicate contacts with this app can be performed with a few taps of the button. The app can also remove duplicate email and remove empty contacts. Duplicate Contacts & Utilities is convenient to use and you don’t need to root the smartphone. Managing and organized your contact list should be very easy to do.
Many people still use task killer apps, which are actually counterproductive. These task killers may harm the performance of your device. In reality, having near full RAM utilization isn’t a bad thing for an Android smartphone. The operating system is smart enough to juggle between apps. Task killers may interfere with the normal process and cause Android OS to work harder than necessary. In the end, Task Killer apps will slow down the device. It means that you shouldn’t use automatic task killers or RAM boosters. You can maintain smooth performance better by clearing out junk and stopping apps from being loaded on the background.