App Review – TNC Stories

If you aren’t reading already, you should be! Reading has several benefits, studies have shown, from relieving stress and sleeping better to lightening your mood and keeping your mind sharp as you age. However if you don’t have time for long reading, now with the right app on your phone you can read short but very interesting and addictive stories on the go. To help, we looked and we found one amazing app for reading amazing short make up stories. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is TNC Stories?

TNC Stories is one amazing and highly interesting entertainment app that is developed for iOS users, especially created for people that like to read and write short stories. This app is easy to use and it offers its users to read addictive 5 minutes stories made of short text messages. Users on the app will be able to simply by tapping on their phone to read intriguing short stories, suitable for anyone’s taste. The app caters to different genres and also different media formats, offering users to read stories that include images, links to websites and even tweets.

Why do we love this entertainment app?

This entertainment app offers users to tap on their phone screen to reveal chat bubbles like they do when using their messenger apps. The chats make up stories are all made fun and very easy to read.  The app contains intriguing chat stories from experienced writers and newbies all for free on TNCStories by The Naked Convos. From drama to humour, thriller, suspense and more cam be read on the app. For users that struggle with reading, this app gets through long form writing. With TNCStories, users just need to tap on their screen (HOOT) to reveal the story as they go. Beyond reading, users can create their own stories, and in the same time earn money from their stories. The more hoots the user’s stories receive, the more he earns. Users can comment on stories they like and follow the author so they can receive updates via email whenever they publish new material.

Download the app for free now on App Store to read cool and addictive 5 minute stories!

Official Website: TNC Stories