Choose Your News with the News Stream App

It used to be that getting access to the news would involve going out of your way to buy the newspaper or searching for your favorite news channel to catch the latest scoop. However, with the advent of the smartphones, there are now more than a million ways to keep informed with the latest and the most obscure of news sources. Well this can be a good and a bad thing as fake and unimportant news are something that floods our everyday lives, so fine-tuning our exposure to them is a must. This is where the news apps shine. But which ones are really worth your time? There are a ton of them available on both the iOS and the Android phones, and if you are looking for a newsworthy companion app, finding one that works well for you is really important.

What is News Stream?

News Stream is a new news aggregator app developed and designed with simplicity in mind. The app have an amazing uncluttered framework offering a clean space to quickly search and read the news you are looking for. The app has free, subscription-based and sponsored versions and everyone can find something tailored for them. The free version of the app comes with amazing set of features, plus additional features which can be accessed through in-app purchases.  News Stream is available for iOS, Android, and Web users. This app is the perfect choice for all who desire clean and fluid reading experience and the final say in what news they choose to consume.

News Stream’s best features

News Stream features include advanced search, thousands of publications, multiple streams of sources, the ability to create your own custom reading lists and more. The advanced search allows user to narrow their search with different filters so they quickly and more efficiently can find the news they are interested in reading. News Stream also has its editorial team picks and trending sections where you can read the most newsworthy articles of the day or see what are the trending news all around the world.

News Stream is a great news aggregator app offering a little something for everyone. You can find and download the app for free at the App Store.