Game Review – Block Puzzle Reloaded

The tetris puzzle was the first video game most of us remember playing. It came with the Nintendo Entertainment System and many of us remember spending hours upon hours playing this addictive puzzler. Today, games in the style of Tetris remain popular because they’re easy to understand and pick up, fun to play, and don’t rely on fancy hardware which means they run smoothly even on the cheapest of smartphones. There are quite a few great Tetris-like games available on Android and iOS, and some put a twist on the basic concept. Block Puzzle Reloaded is one of them – perfect blend of the old-school game mechanics of Tetris sprinkled with some new and exciting additions to the gameplay.

What is Block Puzzle Reloaded?

Block Puzzle Reloaded is a fun, innovative and exciting take on the old-school Tetris puzzle game. The game is a re-invention of the classic block puzzlers we all know and love. Simple in its design and gameplay Block Puzzle Reloaded is an entertaining way to sharpen your mind while arranging colorful wooden blocks, trying to clear out the columns or rows and win the best scores. You can keep on playing until you get stuck and at the same time developing your logical skills. The player has to fill the girds with different color jigsaw puzzle shapes, forming patterns or lines and clearing them out.

Block Puzzle Reloaded features

Block Puzzle Reloaded may resemble the old Tetris game, but be sure that it comes with many more new and exciting features that the old classic didn’t have. Block Puzzle Reloaded added blast power ups that make the game more fun, helping the player clear up the grid. There are four different blasts the player can choose from – horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical and 3×3 blasts, but use them wisely as even they won’t help you if you are not careful in placing your blocks. Block Puzzle Reloaded also has its level system so players can compete against each other and challenge their friends. There are many daily achievements to be completed and prizes and coins to be won. All and all, this jigsaw block puzzle game is a true gem that will give you hours upon hours of entertainment.

If you want to give Block Puzzle Reloaded a try, you can find and download it for free at the App Store.