Make New Friends with Pal, The App to Keep Connected

When you’re feeling bored you tend to sit there and scroll through your phone, either playing games are checking the same email over and over again. But why not get yourself out and stay active whilst meeting new people to share your interest with. With the Pal app, it makes things a lot easier. Whether you want to meet up for a morning run, catch a movie with someone or evening just have a chat about your day over coffee, then Pal makes this all possible.

Pal is the innovative and proactive way of building new relationships and enjoying life. Rather than sit on your sofa scrolling through then why not open the app and see what’s going on throughout the day. Pal isn’t a dating app, it’s more of an app to make friends and build long relationship.

Within the Pal feed, you can see what others are doing nearby and you have the option of joining. If there are no activities that you like then you can create your own and get people to join in. You can do just about anything. You can put together a discussion group in order to talk about what’s going on in the current affairs, you can get users to meet up for a drink in the local pub or you can simply arrange a picnic in the park to get people involved who will ultimately become your Pals. The app allows you to chat with your Pals individually or in a group. Pal is definitely a great twist on social media just that you actually see people face to face.


If you are a couple looking for other couples to hang out with then Pal allows you to do just that. If you’re a new mum then maybe you can set up a baby group in-order to get some tips from other mums and share your experience. Pal gives you the option of setting up any groups or activity you want with as much people as you wish.

Pal is free o download and use. The worst you can get out of the Pal app is too many friends. Try it out today, it’s available on iOS and Android.