How Virtual Office Software helps HR Management

Human Resources are the asset of a business. It is because they are the people who work or get the work done. They have the power to make your business a success, and they also have the power to destabilise your business. Hence, good Human Resource Management is one of the many keys of having a successful and sustainable business. And in the digital world of today, Virtual Office Software tremendously help in making Human Resource Management a seamless process.

HRM before Virtual Office Software

In the previous years, the human resource management had to be done manually by the executives. They would often fill in the time sheets manually. They would keep an eye on the work of the employees. They would analyse the work done to evaluate the performance levels. They would deal with the budgeting issues on paper.

All these tasks were very boring. They took a lot of time to get done. And more often than not, if done manually, they are prone to error as human beings make mistakes all the time. Hence, the human resource management was a tedious task before the concept of Virtual Office Management set in.

How HRM is done by Software

Human Resources Management has been made unbelievably easy due to the modern software that is available in the market for this purpose.

This software has all the functionalities that enable effective resource management. They help in tracking the time of the employees. With such a software in place, the employee’s time will automatically be tracked and stored in reliable databases. Freshbooks is such a software that is used by millions of people all around. This software also has the ability to use logic and algorithm to have a sound estimate of the productivity of the employees’ work and progress. Moreover, some of these smart software also have the ability to make employee monitoring easy. The employee could be monitored by instant screen capture and real-time screen sharing functionalities offered by a Time Tracking Software called StaffTimerApp.


Following are the benefits of Virtual Office Management:

  1. It is very reliable as it is not prone to human errors.
  2. It has hugely reduced the burden on HR teams.
  3. It has made the process seamless and easy.
  4. It is great at saving data as compared to the old ledger system.
  5. It helps in analysing the performance and projects better.



Time Tracking Tools, Virtual tools and Employee Monitoring Software are the backbone of modern Human Resources Management. And they have revitalised the management to newer levels.

With a more mature remote-work culture emerging, it’s a great time for employers to take a closer look at what a fully remote workforce may entail. One of the most important tools you can rely on in monitoring employee productivity is time tracking app. Know your options by looking at the top 10 best employee monitoring software you can use for your remote team.