The 4 Things That Are Warning Signs Of Trouble Employees

Employees can cause a lot of damage to an organization if they are left to say whatever they want to on social media. They are obviously allowed to speak their mind as far as they want to in terms of free speech, but there are definitely some things that one should not be posting on social media. Companies ought to be on the lookout for behaviours that are signs of trouble going forward.

1) Saying Negative Things About Previous Employers

Speaking poorly about previous employers is just not good form. People might have negative feelings about their previous employers, but they should keep those thoughts to themselves. Posting these feelings on social media is a sure fire way to make other employers wary of hiring you in the first place. As an employer, it is understandable that you might want to make sure that potential hires have not gone around trashing their previous employers. If they have, then they just might do the same to your company in the future.

2) Bullying Comments

The idea that hiring someone who bullies others online is a bad idea indeed. Someone who so clearly goes after people that they are supposedly close to means that they are willing to pick a fight with others. These days, bullying is taken very seriously. At one point in the past it may have been the case, but these days people care about bullying.

3) Signs Of Financial Trouble

It is not a good idea to hire someone who is in financial trouble in a major way. It might seem like giving them a job would be an act of charity in some sense, but that is not really the case. What is maybe more so is a disaster in the waiting.

Someone who is in financial trouble may decide that they will go rogue within the organization. It is one of the leading reasons why a person takes the risk of taking actions against their employer that they would not otherwise take. It is something that may not even seem likely at first, but it happens more often than we like to admit.

It is not heartless to not hire someone who is in financial trouble, it is just a matter of trying to keep your business safe and secure.

4) Revealing Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is sensitive for a reason. It is not supposed to get out. If someone is going around talking about things that they shouldn’t on social media, then it is a problem for the potential future employer that is considering them now. You have to consider how trustworthy a person has proven themselves to be. Are they going to keep your own secrets under the vest?

Sensitive information exists in almost every business. Make sure you think about this before you go around hiring someone who clearly can’t keep it to themselves.

A proper social media check is important. You have to think about all of the potential risks that you take on when you hire a new person. Use every tool that you have at your disposal to figure out what you are getting into when you work on hiring a new person. You deserve to get the best possible candidate to fill the position.