Wedgie Go – An Endless Runner with a Funny Twist

Endless runners and auto-runner games are usually very similar with one key difference. The only goal in an endless runner is to earn the highest score you can, whereas an auto-runner usually has levels or some goal other than just the highest score. Many people use the terms synonymously, but what can I say, I’m a stickler.

Both endless and auto-runner games are incredibly popular due to their basic controls, simple gameplay, and their extreme replayability. That deadly combination makes for some amazingly fun games that are real easy to pick and play whenever you find a spare minute or two. Here is one of our favorite endless runners and auto-runners for iPhone and iPad – Wedgie Go!

What is Wedgie Go?

Wedgie Go is a cool infinite runner with a hilarious twist that you will just love! Compatible with iOS devices that support iOS 8.0 or later, this game is designed with intuitive touch screen controls, amazing graphics and catchy sound effects. So if you want to spend hours of fun playing a great game, Wedgie Go is the one for you. Let’s see what the gameplay’s all about.

How to Play?

In Wedgie Go your main objective is to watch out for the wedgies! In this exciting gameplay, you’re playing with a character that’s running, but keeps getting annoying wedgies. Imagine: you’ve just purchased some new underwear to go running in! It’s a beautiful day and you decide to go for an adventure run outside, only to find out your underwear keeps giving you wedgies. All you have to do is run, jump and dash obstacles on your way and collect coins at the same time. But every time you jump, your underpants get stuck in your butt and give you a wedgie. When you have a wedgie, you won’t be able to jump over obstacles, so you have to pull them out by swiping down. Swipe left and right to change lanes, swipe up to jump and swipe down to fix the wedgie and get as further as possible in order to win higher scores.

Wedgie Go also features different beautiful worlds, better underwear in the in-game store that can be bought with the coins you collect, an option to share scores with friends via Facebook and to choose the nickname of your character.

The game is totally free to play – you can download it right away from the App Store.