Real Madrid FootScout App is A Super-Fun Platform for Football Talents and Scouts

Showcasing your talent and winning prizes and training chances supported by Real Madrid sounds a bit unreal to football fans. But they are a reality with the  Real Madrid FootScout App. This official Real Madrid football scouting app represents a unique video platform where talents can showcase their football skills and scouts can discover real talent across the globe.

Show your talent, skills, golazos

As a talent you have a chance to showcase videos of your skills, freestyle, tricks, golazos and so on. Finally, you have a platform to wow others, and win official Real Madrid prizes (tickets to games, shirts). All you need is sign up and upload videos. You can view other users videos too and get connected within the app.

Discover great talent

However, the great thing is that not only football players can win prizes and use the app. The users that are more interested in scouting talents and watching football skills can also make use of the FootScout app. Sign up as a scout, and watch videos posted by the players. If you scout smart and rise to the top of the rankings, you can also win great prizes.

At the end of the day the Real Madrid FootScout app is a great idea and super-fun concept that allows great platform for aspiring young football players to show their best skills. It’s free and available for both Android & iOS.