New Report Shows Top Apps in 25 Countries Around The World

A recent report released from Marketing Resources Inc has given consumers a look at the top 5 most popular apps in 25 different countries around the world based on insights from the mobile app data platform App Annie. The analysis also looked at the top app categories by country as well.

Mobile apps and smartphones have evolved into one of the best vehicles for smartphone users around the world to interact with one another.  While you might think that the most popular apps in the world share universal popularity, this is not the case. Many apps see different levels of popularity in different regions around the world. Let’s take a deeper look into the insights from the recently released report.

Most popular apps by country

Surprisingly enough, Facebook did not come in as the top app in any of the 25 countries analyzed despite having nearly 2.23 billion monthly users. The big winner in this analysis was the popular communications app WhatsApp.  In the analysis from Marketing Resources, WhatsApp was among the top apps in 16 of the 25 countries analyzed and also topped out as the top app in 8 of the countries on the list.

Social apps also performed well across the globe with at least 1 social app represented in the top 5 apps by country in 18 of the 25 countries analyzed on the list.  The United States had the most social media apps in the top 5 of any country in the analysis with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all making the top 5.

Some of the more quirky highlights from the analysis include McDonalds taking up the top two spots in Germans with the Official McDonald’s app and the McDonald’s coupon app topping the list. The popular basketball game Dunk Line topped the list in both Canada, Iceland and the UK. It also made the list in 3 other countries as well.

China was an outlier in the analysis which saw its top 5 completely filled with locally made apps like QQ, WeChat and Alipay.

What does it all mean?

When analyzing this data looking for global app trends, one thing that pops out is the dominance of both communication and social apps around the world.  Nearly every country in the analysis had at least one communication or social apps on their list with many countries having multiple apps in those two categories represented in their top 5.

Video streaming giant YouTube also enjoyed wide stream popularity across the globe. Mobile gaming apps were the other bigger winner in this analysis with nearly half (11 out of 25) of the countries in the analysis having at least one mobile game in their top 5.

To see the full analysis, check out the report from Marketing Resources Inc.