App Review – Chakra Chi

If you’d like to learn to meditate, or keep up with a practice and learn some new techniques, a meditation app on your phone can help. Among so many apps especially developed and offered for meditation, finding an interesting and efficient one in the same time can be quite hard. To help, we looked and we found one amazing meditation app that offers you to take care of your chakras and let your body and mind have a fully wonderful experience. Let’s discuss about this amazing app.

What is Chakra Chi?

Chakra Chi is one amazing health app which is developed for IOS users as one easy to use and yet highly efficient tool that allows the users to choose a chakra and let themselves to enjoy, relaxing both their body and mind. Chakras are energy centres within the human body and each one of them has its own color, symbol and Solfeggio frequency. This is great for the user to transmit and receive subtle energy, aiding meditation and self-reflection. With the meditation app, the users have the chance to get info on every chakra and learn how to take care of it.

Why do we love this health app?

With this health meditation app and the features offered on it, the user is able to choose any of the 7 chakras and that will initiate slow pulsing with a chakra symbol in a rich background of color and relaxing tones for the user to enjoy completely with his body and mind without any issues. Great care is taken on the chakra meditation app to capture the corresponding color and sound frequencies of each chakra, maintaining the integrity and therapeutic benefits of every chakra.  The app is also including information on each of the 7 chakras that contains additional details on the chakra name in English and Sanskrit, the chakra value statement to internalize through self-learning with major characteristics such as the ‘’bila’’ mantra for vocalization during meditation and the physical location of the chakra energy, the Solfeggio frequency is thought to be the core sound of the creation, and the chakra color as well.

Download the app for only $1.99 on App Store to take care of your chakras and relax your mind!