The LG Hi-Fi Sound System for Music Lovers

When you like feeling the beat of the music you want a music system that provides clear sound. Hence the reason why I decided to get the LG CJ45 Hi-Fi sound system. LG is a well-known brand and has been around for over 50 years. The South Korean company provides great quality electronics such as mobile phones, Televisions, smart watches and much more. The great quality provided extends to the CJ45 sound system.

The LG sound system definitely gets the party going and with Bluetooth, you can easily connect to your mobile to get all your songs. I used my iPhone to connect, and listening to Apple Music have never sounded so good. I generally listen through headphones but having the sound system echo my music playlist throughout the house is amazing. Even though a lot of people have moved on from CD player, there are still a few like myself with CD collection. It’s hard to find a sound system these days that allows me to play my long lost Michael Jackson CDs. At least LG hasn’t forgotten about the few and there is a CD player built-in the sound system as well. So you can break out your classical CD collection. The sound system has a nice feature call the Auto DJ. The Auto DJ is pretty cool, I had an old CD with some 80’s hit, with the feature it blended all the songs in perfectly as those I was standing over a turntable mixing tracks.

A few weeks ago when I had a barbecue I had to be really conscious of disturbing the neighbours, the system really bounces and got all my guest buzzing and dancing. Everyone wanted to know where I got the system from because it sounded and looks great in my living room. The system comes with a remote that allows you to adjust the volume, skip songs, pause music and much more from across the room.

The LG sound system is powerful and provides a crisp, clear quality with no sound distortion even at maximum volume. Oh, I almost forgot, it does have a radio tuner.

The LG CJ45 sound system is available for only £203. A small price to pay for a top quality system.