When Will the 2018 iPhones be Available to Buy?

2018 iphones

The rumours about the new 2018 iPhones are coming in fast. This year will be one of Apple’s biggest in terms of iPhone release. The reason I say that is because I personally think that the last major update to the iPhone was iPhone 8. I have nothing against the iPhone X but I don’t think it did anything majorly different from the iPhone 8 model. I didn’t actually get the iPhone X and stuck with my iPhone 8 plus, simply because I didn’t think there was any need to. However, I do think the next iPhone models might be worth upgrading. With rumours stating that there will be three new models, the iPhone X Plus, iPhone 11 and iPhone 9, it is exciting.

So when will the iPhones be available to buy in 2018? Well, going by Apple’s tradition, it’s usually a week and a half between their launch event (mid-September) the new iPhones go on sale. Last year the Apple event was on 15th September and the iPhones got unveiled, a week later on the 22 September they went on sale. We predict that we might see the new iPhones a little earlier this year. They could well go on sale either 12th, 18th or 19th September. The iPhone X Plus, however, is rumoured to be releasing a little later.

My hope is that the iPhone X Plus is a lot better for gaming because that’s the one I will be buying. With a faster processor and bigger screen, it surely will be the one to get your hands on. We think the price will range between $1000-$1200 (£800-£940 as of today’s currency rate).

We will keep an eye out and let you know when the event date and sale of the new iPhone comes out. Are you thinking of getting one of the new models?