EZVIZ ezGuard Wireless Smart Home Security Camera – Review

EZVIZ ezGuard Security Camera

Picture the scenario, it’s 2 am in the morning when I was upstairs in my home office catching up on some much-needed work. Hearing a vehicle pull up outside so I drew the curtains back to take a look.  To my surprise, I then saw a man walking up to my driveway and looking at my front door. I opened my window and ask “can I help you”? The man replied, “is this number 9”. I answered, “no what can I do for you”?  The man hassle got back in his car and drove off. At this point I realised I need more than just a burglar alarm, I needed a security camera, something that’s an extra deterrent.

I dropped all the work I needed to do and went straight online to find a decent security camera. I wanted one that’s got great picture quality day or night, gives me the option of viewing live footage from my iPhone, compatible with Amazon Alexa and easy to install.

The Ezviz ezGuard Wireless home camera does all that and loads more. The Ezviz ezGuard camera has a two-way audio that allows me to hear everything outside my front door and gives me the option to speak as well. Integrated strobe lights make it more visible and warn people that they are being watched. Of course, you can choose to turn that off if you want to be a bit discreet. The ezGuard is water resistant so I had no worries putting it up outside. The night vision show faces absolutely clear as though it was daytime, even after you do a playback on the recording, yes, it records. The recordings can be viewed through the Ezviz app. Playback is easy as swiping your finger through the recording to go to a particular time. Ezviz offers cloud storage for your recording at £99 per year or you have the option of adding a MicroSD card to the camera with a maximum capacity of 128GB, which you can pick up from your local shop for about £50. The camera also records audio and again you have the option of turning that off.

ezviz ezguard night view

Visual and Audio Recording

During recording or live view, the app allows you to take snapshots from the camera viewing. There are quite a number of features available for a camera that you can pick up at a reasonable price. However, the best feature is the 100dB siren that’s built in the camera. You can trigger the siren from within the app if you see anything suspicious. Setting the siren off will definitely wake the whole neighbourhood and scare the hell out of anyone because it’s loud.

All the actions are controlled by the Ezviz app which you can download on Appstore or Google Play. Setting up and getting started couldn’t be any easier. Once you download the app you have to create an account, scan the unique QR code located in the box, connect your camera to a power socket and then the app takes you through connecting to Wi-Fi. You then decide where you want to mount your camera, drill 3 holes and attach to the location.

Like I mentioned, everything is controlled through the app. All the viewings, all the recordings, changing the settings, all done within the app. The camera also has a motion detector that triggers recordings and notifies you on your mobile device of movement.

Getting the Ezviz ezGuard Wireless Camera was the best thing I’ve done to help improve my home security. At £79 it’s a small price to pay for some great features and a peace of mind for my family safety.