The Wait is Over, Total Warfare is Available on Android & iOS – Press Release

Sandbox mobile strategy game Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms is available Today (Aug 16th) on App Store & Google Play.

The development team created this game based on the Three Kingdoms Era of Ancient China. They recreated a magnificent battlefield. Players can use their wisdom to command their army and win countless wars. The game is available now and you allies are waiting! Join the game now!


Total warfare is based on the legends of Ancient Wars

[Four different Seasons and different Effects]

In Total Warfare, seasons would change every two days and every season has its own effects. Players should arrange different affairs in the right season.

Recruit in Spring will have 25% more soldiers.

Marching in Summer will increase 5% speed.

Autumn is the season of harvest, players can reap 20% more food.

Winter is a big challenge for soldiers. Cold weather will decrease Defensive Troops’ ATK & DEF.

There are the real environment and seasons in the game

[Arranging different kind of soldiers is the key of siege]

Total Warfare brings back many famous branches of the army such as Xiliang Cavalries, Rattanmen and Crossbowmen. How to arrange your army to take part in the siege is worth thinking for every player. Because siege can get most return in this game. Players should focus on recruiting soldiers and expanding territories. Seize chances and defeat other players’ alliance to win fabulous rewards!

There are a different variety of arms in the game

The gameplay requires the efforts of all members of the alliance.

Outstanding strategy mobile game Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms is available on August 16th. The game’s realistic style will bring back popular heroes of Three Kingdoms and a conflicting battlefield. Players can join the war, command their armies, build up their empires and try to reunite the Three Kingdoms.

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