App Review – Leelou Personal Safety

Personal safety is something we seldom think about, until we find ourselves in an unsafe situation. With technology becoming an increasingly huge part of our lives, some organisations have developed apps and other advancements that can help us feel safer in our surroundings. Among so many of these apps, choosing the best one with the latest technology that offers instant and complete safety is hard. To help, we looked and we have the best app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Leelou Personal Safety?

Leelou Personal Safety is created as a personal safety on demand and companion app which is providing users a ground-breaking information to carers in times of distress. Easy to use and highly efficient, the personal security app is developed for iOS users, offering them to keep their loved ones safer. This reliable SOS alert personal security app has advanced personal safety features that will give the user a chance to finally add a sense of calmness knowing that he can get help with a simple tap of a SOS alarm button. Personal safety anytime and anywhere users need it.

Why do we love this personal security app?

In case of an emergency, such as an assault, an attack, home invasion and more, the app will get users a faster protection from the people they trust with precise sharing of location. When the user register on the app, he can invite friends to join and every time he press the SOS button five elected Guardians will know everything they need to get to him fast. Users get to send SOS safety alert with GPS location at a glance. Users can use the app when walking at night alone, pass through suspicious locations, travel alone, in case of emergency, hear weird noises at night and anything else they consider dangerous. The app allows users to set notifications of when loved ones or friends arrive or leave a location, controlling who sees where they are and when.

Using satellite technology to connect users to global emergency services, so when travelling, they are covered.  The users can take a picture and the evidence feature will let him send it to the guardians along with GPS coordinates, time and date and who took the photo. Offering agile evolution process and taking feedback or suggestions seriously, the app ensures users got the latest and the best technology creating safer neighbourhoods for everyone.

Download the app for free on App Store now to get help fast with a simple tap on a SOS alarm button!

Official Website: Leelou Personal Safety