EmMa – The Emotional Manager for Anxiety App

Stress is normal in life, but if you live with an anxiety disorder, you know that it’s a lot more than just stress. Anxiety can be overwhelming at times, but it’s possible to manage it with the right tools for support. Whether you’re seeking professional therapy or coping on your own, we’ve found one of the best iPhone apps to help you calm your mind. Use this app to put your anxiety into perspective, track your thought patterns, unwind with guided meditations, and more. The app that we’re talking about is called EmMa.

What is EmMa?

EmMa is an emotional manager app for people that need anxiety relief. It’s currently available on the iOS platform, developed by Dr. Patti Johnson, compatible with both iPhone and iPad. If you want to feel better and improve the quality of your life, EmMa is definitely going to give you a hand. The app is simple to navigate, easy to use and very practical. Let’s see what its best features are.

Standout Features

EmMa gives you the tools you need to manage your anxiety. As we all know, the key to anxiety relief is learning how to manage and relate to your anxious thoughts and feelings in new ways. Well, the app offers 35 techniques for anxiety relief, all of them divided into 4 sections: Basics, Manage Worries, Change Anxious Thoughts, and Calm the Body. With the basic techniques you will easily learn how to understand, recognize and evaluate your anxious thinking. The second section helps you in stopping the unproductive worrying, the third one will teach you how to manage the thoughts that lead to anxious thinking, and Calm the Body offers mindfulness techniques that you can practice daily in order to relax your mind and soothe your body.

Moreover, the EmMa app has panic attack audio guide that will guide you through the whole process of learning the steps to stop panic in its tracks. Add your favorite techniques to your personalized Coping Card, follow your progress with the app’s mood tracker and Anxiety Assessment, join worldwide support community, send alerts to a person of your own choice, and so much more.

EmMa has a one-time fee and no in-app purchases; it is available for only $2.99 on the App Store.

Official Website Link: EmMa