Fotor Review— A Perfect Online Photo Editing and Graphic Design Tool for Everyone

As we all know, visual content could be more engaging than regular content. However, create a beautiful image is not an easy task, and it used to require a fair degree of graphic design skills and knowledge to go along with. Thanks to the emergence of some incredible tools and services, now you can create professional looking images within minutes. There are multiple great options available, and today we’re going to dig into one of them- Fotor.

Fotor is an all-in-one online image edit and design tool. It comes with a lot of resources and features to help you make professional looking graphics for various purposes. In this post, I will walk you through its three sections- collage, edit and design.

Photo Edit

Fotor’s feature-rich photo editing toolset allows you to do something every photographer wants to do in a simple and fast way. Even if you are a complete photo editing newbie, you won’t have any problem using it. With a few clicks and drags, you can crop photo, adjust color balance, apply the filter, add a sticker, etc. Except for basic editing features, Fotor’s patent HDR tool can help you fix poor lighting, digital noise, and all other common problems, bringing out the perfect moment behind the photo.


Your photos go better together- create a stunning photo collage to save a memory for yourself. Fotor offers an incredible array of layouts and templates for you to create and customize your photo collages. Select a layout you like, upload your photos, and drop them to the cells. It’s done! Easy, quick and fun to play around.

Graphic Design

To make graphic design simple and accessible to everyone, Fotor offers thousands of customizable templates to help you get started quickly. So you don’t have to stare at the blank screen and create everything from scratch anymore.

To be frank, services like this, live and die on the quality of their templates. And fortunately, Fotor is doing great. Templates are available in multiple sizes and sorted by fields, such as poster, banner, social media cover, mail header, and much more. Simply choose a template you like and edit using Fotor’s suite of powerful yet very easy to use design tools. You can create highly engaging images for any purpose in minutes!

Bottom Line

Of course, those kinds of online graphic design services will never replace the professional graphic design software, such as Photoshop. But they do offer an easy way for you to quickly and easily create beautiful pictures of all your project. More than that, they have a shorter learning curve- no technical savvy required. You can quickly understand how to use it after a few minutes of playing around. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform that can handle all your graphic design project, Fotor is the one that you should not miss. Beyond that, Fotor nowadays launches an Online Stock Photo Marketplace PxBee. It connects Fotor’s creative community and allows Fotor users to license and sell their photos. Take a peek to give Fotor a try, and you can really get some cool pictures to extend your reach.