Headphones for Oculus Go

Oculus Go is becoming popular at a high rate. Therefore there are some of the things that you need for a better experience with it. These simple staffs for instance, a better sound can really change your immersion.

The sound happens to be very sensitive to many. As far as VR sound is concerned, it is believed to change your entire immersion by owning an effective set of headphones to hear every little sound from your VR.

These headphones are different, not every Oculus Go headphones happens to be good for everyone. People prefer them according to their taste and specifically that which pleases them. Honestly one needs a device that offers nothing but the best.

When buying these devices people happen to go for different features. This include the comfort, accessibility and many others. Here are some of the headphones for Oculus Go

Bose QC 35

These happens to be one of the best options for noise cancelling that are available in the market currently. The famous Bose QC 35 headphones have an incredible sound. They also have a good battery life that last at least 20 hours of battery on full charge. This may turn to 40 hours if plugged into the Oculus Go instead.

Therefore you can continuously play your VR without any sound interruption. Once bought, they come equipped with a 3.5mm cable that ensures you have the best wired experienced. For those of you who prefer cordless, there are Bluetooth options for you.

They have an over the ear design with a soft padding used for extended uses. It also offer a unique volume optimizing EQ.


These headphones serves best over the ear. They offer different headphones for different uses thus bringing you a better immersion as far as VR is concerned. They are said to be the best because they can hold up to 20 hours on full charge.

They give you a better experience on a superior sound and a lightweight fitting. They will also come along with a 3.5mm cable. You can also opt to the Bluetooth option if you prefer.

They are relatively cheap and you can access them at just $40. They are the most comfortable headphones over the ear.

Symphonized NRG

These are relatively cheap and affordable headphones through which you can use with your Oculus Go. You can access them at just $24.47 and they are designed best for earbuds. They are said to be noise cancelling thus making your experience with VR more immersive.

They can be used for different purposes such as streaming a game play to your Facebook friends and much more, here are the best headphones that suits you best. You can use them to stream, immerse and they are easy to store and use.


These are a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They contain a mic and a volume control that is built into a small cable built in a manner through which it can pass through the back of your neck. You can access them with just $27.99

They are suitable for people who want to get rid of the nagging state of the cable that become nuisance when playing your games. They are the best to travel with whenever you move around with your Oculus Go.

They are very light and they aren’t that noise cancelling. Despite having the cables, they serve you best with full comfort needed when paying your games.

Senso Bluetooth Earbuds

Senso are unique headphones for earbuds lovers when playing the VR. They have a strong battery life thus they can last up to 8 hours of power when fully charged. They also offer an HD high fidelity sound.

This gives you high immerse while playing your games. They have a low cost of just $30.

Cowin over the ear headphones

Generally these are over the ear Bluetooth headphones. They are a comfy addition to your VR experience. They are suitable for people who don’t like the cable headphones due to comfort.

They are suitable to carry around. That is when you are carrying your Oculus Go with you. It will cost you around $60 and they are very comfortable and easy to use and carry too.