Fitness Client Pro – A Handy iOS Fitness Tool

Fitness apps are becoming more and more popular among fitness instructors and trainers and among their clients as well. With these apps, the users can track progress, workouts, set their sessions, helping them to easily stay focused and on track to reach their goal. But with so many of these apps developed, choosing the most efficient one can be hard. To help, we looked and we found a great fitness app for both fitness trainers and instructors and their clients. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Fitness Client Pro?

Fitness Client Pro is an amazing fitness app that is easy to use and highly efficient, developed for IOS users. Suitable for personal trainers, wellness coaches, nutritionists and exercise group instructors and even their clients as well. With the app, they can safely manage and secure their client data in one place and clients can constantly keep track with the workouts and stay engaged with the live in-app. The app makes it easy to improve client retention and engagement by allowing clients their own login access.

Why do we love this fitness app?

This fitness app allows access to client data from anywhere directly on the phone, entering  any food, exercise or template for faster data entry and retrieval, keeping the data safe and secure with automatic back-ups, support options for any questions the user has, the option of sharing the public profile with others. For personal trainers, wellness coaches, nutritionists and exercise group instructors the app offers features like promoting themselves with a free public profile listing, creating and customizing session packages to assign to clients, booking, cancelling, rescheduling client session appointments, to fill out or allow clients access to fill out and digitally sign their own par-q and health history forms, to set daily water intake, steps and caloric intake goals for each client.

Fitness trainers can even log workouts, meals, body measurements, fitness tests and more into client journals, take or upload client before and after photos from 4 different angles, track client physical progress with fitness assessment charts and reports, view business details such as; session usage, sales and earnings reports and keep their clients engaged and connected with live in-app chats and activity notifications. Clients can also use the app for booking or cancelling sessions, managing their health history, making and viewing exercise journals, track their workouts and progress and stay engaged with live in-app chats and helpful notifications.

Download the app now for free on App Store to keep track of client’s data and engage with your clients!

Official Website: Fitness Client Pro