The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Email Link Cloaking

Affiliate networks are gaining popularity and these networks could prove to be very beneficial to users. Everyone today looks to earn some extra money. There are a number of affiliate marketing companies out there which help you in creating your own successful network and start earning.

Affiliate marketing is a risk free way to earn mainly because it involves zero investment. You need not invest any money in order to join an affiliate network and you can promote your network without having to quit your current job. Affiliate marketing doesn’t take up too much time and even if you manage to put in two hours a day regularly; you can boost your earnings. Companies provide affiliate networks and these companies ensure they help the users understand the platform and use it to gain maximum benefit.

The strategy is simple; business owners and brands offer commissions to users who help in promoting their products or services. You don’t need to be an expert to join affiliate networks and even if you understand how to surf the net and you have a good social media presence; you can make big bucks. If you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry, its best to join hands with affiliate marketing companies which offer affiliate management software.

You will get some really handy tips and tricks on how you can create your own successful affiliate network. It’s important to concentrate on how the platform can help you earn rather than wasting time on unwanted information which is of no help. There’s no limit to how much you can earn using affiliate networks; and there are a million ways you can market, but you need to figure out what suits you best and where your strength lies.

Once you’ve joined an affiliate network; the best thing to do is invest some time in understanding how the system works and how you can benefit from it. Creativity is the key and the more unique your ideas are the better you perform. Don’t think of how much money you can make in a short time span; instead keep on planning for the future and invest a little time everyday to improve your marketing techniques. The internet is an ocean and the deeper you go the more you discover so explore the deals affiliate marketing companies have to offer, learn new ways to promote and before you know it you’ll be a pro.

Email Marketing

The main reason one sends out bulk emails is to promote their services or products. While some clients aim at increasing sales, others look for increased page views. When an email link is cloaked, it looks neater, shorter and pleases the eye which in turn increases the click through rate.

Cloaking an email links also helps to prevent the main domain getting blacklisted since a third party link is used to cover the main domain link.

There are a number of ways to cloak an email link such as JavaScript, PHP etc, which help to create clean, short email link cloaks for one to use.

Email link cloaking comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Find out how this can help you and what you need to do to avoid the disadvantages while using email link cloaking.


1. Better Click Rate

When a client wishes to direct users to a particular page on their website, the link usually gets too long and looks shabby, however when the link is cloaked it looks neat and attractive. The cloak could be named in a better manner. Cloaking email links could also be created on the same domain to increase trust factor. Such links get higher clicks and result in a successful email campaign.

Email links such as : echo JHtml::_(’email.cloak’, ‘’) look shabby and tend to get less click rates as compared to cloaked email links such as :

2. Better Delivery Rates

Email links that are cloaked are less likely to trigger spam filters. This increases the email deliverability to the inbox and thus increases click through rates. Email links cloaking also helps to prevent blacklisting and the main domain thus keeping it clean and spam free. This is helpful when one needs to send out newsletters or important email messages to the subscriber list.

Some client links such as affiliate links are long and tend to trigger spam filters. Cloaking these links prevent the domain from getting blacklisted. These links are shorter and properly formatted which makes them clean and more appealing. A number of web servers prefer short links and thus these links don’t trigger the spam filters as often as long links.

3. Link Management

A client can easily manage various promoted products and services using email link cloaking. Naming the links is easy and thus identifying them is convenient. Using plug-ins can help to keep all the lists in one place thus making the system simple and systematic.

4. Tracking

Tracking emails and click rates is easier when using email link cloaks. This makes it essay to find out which readers are interested in your emails and which users are not interested in receiving any emails from your client.

Tracking helps to sort out and various posts, blogs and informative articles which one might want to refer to at a later time.

Understanding How To Use Email Cloaking

Email link cloaking might come with a number of benefits, but this service has its share of drawbacks as well. A few clients consider it unfair to redirect users from one platform to another.

Paid Cloaking V/s Unpaid Cloaking

A number of email promoters choose free cloaking services to shorten URLs and save space. This service could lead to spam email deliverability since the free cloaking domains are vastly used by a number of people all over the world and is marked spam several times.

Paid domains might help in email deliverability, but these links often mislead users into visiting websites they might not be interested in.

Free link cloaking websites might tempt email promoters, but these free sites lack in features and could lead to the downfall of an email campaign.

It’s always best to understand how to create the right email link cloaks in order to benefit from a campaign in the best possible manner.