Game Review – Zurface

Jumping games are one of the most exciting and addictive games that smartphone users can play on their phones. These games ask from you to react fast and test your skills of jumping in order to win your high scores. If you like to test your reactions and have hours of fun, playing anytime and anywhere, we decided to help so we looked and we found one amazing jumping gameplay that will get you addicted to playing on your first try for sure. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Zurface?

Zurface is one very easy to play, addictive, fun and yet a very challenging jumping game that is developed for iOS users. Suitable for both kids and adults, this jumping game is offering the players a chance to test their jumping skills and their fast reactions by avoiding the challenging obstacles in their way. With incredible graphics and gorgeous design, players on the game will enjoy the challenge and the exciting jumping gameplay, while they try to win their high scores and progress further.

Why do we love this jumping game?

This jumping game offers the players various features that will get them hooked even on their first try. All the players need to do on this jumping game is to jump the different zurfaces and in the same time be careful, fast and precise in order to avoid the many challenging obstacles on the way trying to end the game for them. The players that will avoid as many obstacles as possible will win the highest scores. Different jumping levels are offered on this game that will test the skills of the players and every next level is harder than the one before. The player just needs to prepare himself and the game is offering him a countdown of 24 seconds to prepare before the level starts. Also, the game has to offer in-game purchases if the player likes to try and jump with a different character.

Download the game for free on App Store now to test your skills by jumping the different zurfaces!