PDF to Word Converter – Reuse PDF Documents

Nowadays, there aren’t many documents out there other than PDFs. These documents come in various shapes, like eBooks, invoices, reports, flyers, contracts, receipts, statements, etc. Due to the PDFs nature, much of the existing data lies unusable in these documents, without an easy way to extract it and reuse it. Retyping the data is a manual task and iPhones aren’t a perfect device for typing. Thankfully, there is an app that can help you to reuse existing PDF documents without retyping them. It is called PDF to Word Converter and it will help you with finally putting those PDFs to good use.

What is PDF to Word Converter?

PDF to Word Converter is an app that converts noneditable PDFs into Word documents. By turning them into the .docx format, you will get an editable text document which you can change according to your needs. The MS Word is a perfect environment for editing texts, so that is why most people like their documents in that format. The app will convert PDF into exactly looking Word document, with formatting preserved. You will get your editable files without doing the real work. It is only left for you to reuse and edit those documents further.

Standout Features

Let’s start with the basics, the PDF to Word Converter app has a great user interface which is very simple and clean. You don’t need to look for any additional options because everything you need is on the main screen, different uploading options and converted documents. The app is using servers for conversion, which means that you need an internet connection to upload files for conversion.

When talking about uploading options, there are several different options available for uploading. You can easily connect to any of your favorite cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Onedrive. It will allow you instantly access to files for conversion that aren’t on your device. For most professional users, the most communication is happening inside email inbox. That is why there is an option available to convert Gmail attachments without downloading them to your phone. You will see available PDF attachments listed instead of going through your conversations and searching manually for files.

OCR conversion is available for free in this app. It allows optical character recognition from scanned PDFs and photos. In other words, it makes those scans and text from photos usable again by extracting them from those documents to Word. Without this feature, scans and photos are converted to plain image in Word, that is not editable. The developers have used this feature in the app to enable direct conversion of paper hard-copy documents into digital Word documents. A perfect solution for people that prefer getting things done on the go.

Download PDF to Word Converter app for free from App Store.