Game Review – Mallow Man

Arcade games are certainly one of the most popular genres of games played on our smartphones. These games can be played on the go, allowing the players to have hours of fun playing while testing his skills at the same time. Among thousands of arcade games created, choosing an addictive and fun arcade can be quite hard and time-consuming. To help, we looked and we found one exciting and fun arcade game for all Android players out there. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Mallow Man?

Mallow Man is one very fun and addictive arcade game which is developed for iOS users, offering the players a chance to test their skills by jumping and climbing. On the game, the players need to help the marshmallow, the Mallow Man that has the ability to jump and move to stay alive. With HD colorful graphics and cool sound effects, each player on the game will enjoy the gameplay while he tries to help the marshmallow escape the endless cup.

Why do we love this arcade game?

This game offers the players amazing features that will get hooked to playing on their first try. The players need to react fast, jump and climb without hesitating for too long. The blistering hot chocolate is rising and the Mallow Man can die instantly if the hot chocolate reaches him. Each player must be careful not to be crushed by the blocks and avoid the hot chocolate as long as possible in order to reach as far as he can and keep the marshmallow alive on the jumping game. The players will earn coins as they jump through the game and they will never get bored of playing for sure. With the coins the player earns for his achievements on the jump game he has a chance to use them to unlock different styles of blocks and backgrounds, allowing Mallow Man to climb in different environments, keeping them constantly interested to play. Players will jump and climb, keeping the marshmallow alive and helping him escape the endless cup.

Download the game for free on App Store now to jump off and climb blocks to help the marshmallow!