Nokia 8 Mobile Phone Review

The Nokia brand has been around way before I was born and looking back it was the only type of phone I can remember from my childhood. I remember I had a Nokia N95 which had a camera and GPS, I was amazed by the features. I was a heavy phone though and dropping it meant the end. Nokia has come along way and even though technology has moved on massively they have managed to keep up. I got my hands on the Nokia 8 and the fact that there are a number of brands that have released phones recently I would highly recommend the Nokia 8. It’s a more reasonably priced smartphone with a number of features and beautiful design.

The Nokia Phone 8 comes with a 5.30-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1440 pixels of 2560 pixels at 554 pixels per inch. The phone is powered by a 1.8 GHz octa-core processor and comes with 4GB of RAM. The 64 GB of internal memory with the option of increasing to 256GB with a microSD card is more than enough for storage. As for the cameras, the Nokia 8 includes a primary camera of 13 megapixels on the back and a shooter in front of 13 million pixels, just right for those selfies.

The non-removable 3090 mAh battery means that the phone can be powered for at least 8-10 hours at constant use. It weighs 160g and fits nicely in a smaller hand. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, USB OTG, 3G and 4G. The sensors on the phone include Compass / Magnetometer, Proximity Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Gyroscope and Barometer. So a fair amount of features for some good gaming. Video looks amazing on the Nokia 8 but a slightly smaller screen doesn’t give it any justice. Like I mentioned Nokia is keeping up with the technology and the 8 also have a fingerprint scanner for added security.

Main features of the Nokia 8 64GB smartphone

  • Dual-sensor reversing camera that can take big pictures
  • New mode for a selfie and rear camera pictures
  • The Nokia 8 includes a rear shooter two sensors that can blur images with an attractive background and uses RGB and monochrome sensor in tandem to capture better photography in low light.
  • The camera is done in partnership with Zeiss.
  • In addition, there is 3D OZO also audio capture technology from Nokia, which should allow an even more intense video while recording.

Design and Display of the Nokia 8 64GB smartphone

  • It comes with a 5.3-inch screen, 2,560 x 1,440 on the front. This resolution is at a density of 554 PPI, and Nokia has deliberately chosen to protect it with a sheet of gorilla glass 5. It’s a bit disappointing that the Nokia 8 is not the best display alongside the Galaxy. S8 and LG G6, but it is still a decent screen.
  • Colour Accuracy: The Nokia 8 is also perfect for this department. A coverage of 98.5% of the sRGB colour gamut, measured by our colour calibrator X-Rite, even rivals Samsung’s AMOLED displays and an average Delta E of 3.28 points on a screen that’s worth your time. Since this is a 2K screen, you can watch Netflix broadcasts on the go.
  • The 8 is wonderfully slim, 7.3mm thick and, being made of a single block of aluminium, is breathtaking and breathtaking at the same time.
  • Camera: This is the camera that really sets the 8 of the crowd apart. On the back, you will find a dual configuration Zeiss camera, one of which contains a monochrome sensor 13-megapixel f / 2.0, and the other a standard 13-megapixel RGB sensor. Both work in tandem, the monochrome sensor captures the details and the RGB sensor captures the colours. This is a technique used by some of the other current flagship products from competing manufacturers, but the end result is a picture with many details and vibrant and expressive colours.
  • Performance and Battery Life: The Nokia 8 has the same performance you expect from a modern flagship. The last Octa-core processor Qualcomm is integrated – the Snapdragon 835 – and is connected with four GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory (expandable to 256 GB via microSD).

Pros of the Nokia 8 64 GB Smartphone

  • Beautiful design
  • Dual-sensor reversing camera with interesting software
  • Excellent QHD display
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price

Cons of Nokia 8 smartphone 64 GB

  • No extremely unique features
  • It is not waterproof

Conclusion on the Nokia 8 64 GB smartphone

The Nokia 8 offers many exceptional features like a powerful chipset, a dual-sensor camera and QHD screen perfectly sized, but compared to the current competition, it’s hard to offer something unique. With a very affordable price at £249, it’s much easier to get a smartphone. The Nokia 8 is a good phone and not far from excellent but needs work. You can pick one up at