App Review – Freight King

Nowadays there is an app for almost anytime you can think of. When it comes to shipments and delivery of any type of freight, there are also apps that can help with that. With this type of app, both shippers and carriers have the chance to connect with each other and get peace of mind knowing they agree on the right services. To help you with the search for the most reliable and efficient app for this purpose, we looked and we have one amazing business app for you. Let’s discuss the platform.

What is Freight King?

Freight King is an efficient app specially created for shippers and carriers. It is developed for iOS users as a reliable, smart and transparent marketplace for full truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal services to thousands of shippers and carriers across the nation. The leading technology offered is allowing shipper’s the ability to submit live shipments quick and efficiently and carriers to see the full list of available loads through the app and website. With this app, shippers and carriers can have a peace of mind knowing they are getting the service exactly for every shipment as agreed.

Why do we love this business app?

With Freight King, each user is able to identify the right equipment for customers’ freight from a growing network of 25,000 local, regional, and national carriers. All carriers are thoroughly vetted prior to joining this network providing shippers peace of mind knowing their product is taken care of from loading to delivery. Powered by the industry’s best technology, smart people, and resounding commitment, this marketplace is in a mission to provide the best in industry service each and every time. From spot freight to dedicated lanes, these services keep the truck loaded and on the move. Users will get paid on time, and they can even use the Quick Pay upon request to expedite payment even more.

With hundreds of loads available daily the carriers have multiple options for considering when booking their next load. When hauling shipments of all sizes and commodities, the app is available for contacting 24/7 via phone, email, text message or social media.  The digitalized technology guarantees shippers access to the right information at the right time and each carrier is actively watched to ensure that the load is safe. The geo-location allows drivers to be located without any other app needed, eliminating emails and calls.

Download the app for free on App Store to be a part of the smart and reliable marketplace for shippers and carriers!

Official Website: Freight King