Celebrate & Honor People with the Ezgifting App

Gifting can be quite a time and money consuming for anyone looking for the perfect way and gift to celebrate and honor his loved ones on their special life events. However, nowadays you can choose between lots of gifting apps that can help you with this issue. To make the search easier, we looked and we have one amazing lifestyle app that offers you a chance to share the news among family and mutual friends to start a group-gifting campaign for the perfect gift. Let’s discuss the app.

What is EZgifting?

EZgifting is an amazing and unique app developed for iOS users, offering them a chance to celebrate and honor people, life, and special life events that don’t happen every day such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and especially baby showers. With the app, the user is able to quickly share the good news amongst family, mutual friends, and colleagues and start a quick group-gifting campaign, and within a few hours or days, present a gift certificate to their giftee for their favorite store or restaurant, gathering the funds for celebratory support quickly.

Why do we love this lifestyle app?

EZgifting and the various features offered on are helping users to easily gather the funds for celebratory support and quickly sharing the good news among friends, family, and colleagues. On the app, just by simply registering and login in, the user is offered to navigate to “My Gifts” and click “Create a Gift”, filing as much info as possible to make the most compelling gift page as possible. Within a matter of minutes, the user can create a gift and start collecting money and even write a brief description of the giftee, uploading a pic or a video with it.

Users can share the gift link on social media if they like to collect money publicly or they can just grab the link URL and share it via text or email to others of their choice. Before the big day, the user will shoot the gift funds raised to his bank account to purchase a gift, gift certificate, or fork over the cash to the giftee. The user is better to share the gift announcement a couple of weeks prior to the event to have enough time to collect the needed money.

Download the app for free on App Store to create the perfect gift for special events of your loved ones!

Official Website:  EZgifting