Drones – The Latest Toys For The Big Boys

Drones are the latest and hottest trend amongst the big boys and men. People from across the globe are investing in drones for recreational and other purposes. If you’re looking to gift yourself a drone, or you wish to buy a drone for your kids, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. Let’s now discuss the various factors that you need to take into consideration before you end up investing in a drone.

What Are Drones Used For?

Before you get onto the drone bandwagon, it is necessary that you understand the various uses of drones. Drones are used for a multitude of purposes that include military uses, recreational uses, photography uses, farming and agricultural uses, natural disaster evacuation uses and lots more. Before you buy a drone, you need to figure out what is the purpose that you will use the drone for. If you’re buying a drone that is purely for recreational purposes, drone races with friends and other such activities, you can opt for slightly low budget drones. However, if you’re using your drones for professional purposes then you definitely need to invest in high-end drones. You can drones that are as inexpensive as US$ 100 and can also find drones that cost more than US$ 1000.

Drone Budgets

You need to keep in mind that just having a drone budget is not enough. You need to keep aside a little bit of money for drone repairs and replacements. There can be instances where you can end up flying your drone into a tree or an unexpected object and that may result in a broken or damaged drone. In such an instance you will need to cough up money for repairs and part replacements. So when you’re buying a drone make sure that you factor in all these expenses and draw up your budget.

What Features Should You Look Out For?

When purchasing a drone, you need to make sure that you keep a look out for certain features. Buying a drone that doesn’t have these in-built features will only end up being a major waste of money. Here are the basic features that the drone must have:

  • Your drone needs to have GPS connectivity. Buying a drone without GPS can prove to be of no use. In the event that you crash your drone in a thick forest or in a densely populated outdoor setting, you will need the GPS location in order to track down your drone quickly and easily. Without the GPS location finding the drone will be a complete hassle.
  • Your drone must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in your drone will enable you to link it with your computer, tablet, smartphone and various other gadgets.
  • The drone must also have live streaming in the event that you’re using it for photography and videography purposes. Live streaming allows you to watch the live feeds that the camera drone is capturing through your mobile or computer screen.

Camera Drones And Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking out for a drone with a camera for photography and videography purposes, there are certain points that you need to take into consideration. While there are countless in-built camera drones available in the market, not all of these drones have expensive and high-end cameras. While these drones are ideal for travel related photography, they may not be useful if you’re a professional photographer. It is recommended that professional photographers should always opt for drones that allow the user to install his personal camera device. Installing your personal camera device will give you the opportunity to shoot professional and HD quality shots with your drone.

How Far And For How Long Do You Intend On Flying The Drone?

This question may seem trivial but in reality is a very important one. Before you buy a drone, you need to figure out the purpose of flying the drone and how far and long you intend on flying the drone. Smaller drones tend to have batteries that are of small sizes and these batteries tend to run out of power pretty quickly. If you have the intention of flying your drone for long distances and long time frames then opting for a small sized drone may not be suitable for you. Larger drones have a longer battery life and can be flown around for hours on end without any hassles.

Other Purposes That Drones Are Commonly Used For

Until quite recently, drones were only used by the military force for operational purposes. The military force used drones to keep a check on enemies that could infiltrate the border. The drones were also flown about by military personnel to track down any injured and trapped victims in the case of a bomb blast, natural disaster, war situation and so on.

With technology advancing at rapid speeds, drones became beneficial for several other purposes. Drones are now being used by news and media companies to capture video stories in locations where reaching by foot can be a threat to the journalist. Further, drones are also being used by journalists and new companies to capture large-scale public events like elections, Independence Day celebrations and so on.

In addition to media and military usage of drones, these gadgets are now being used for farming and agricultural purposes too. Farmers who own acres of land can now keep track of their yield through camera drones. Thanks to the photo and video feedback of the camera drones, farmers are able to properly track those areas of the plantations that require additional irrigation and fertilization due to low yield.

Drones are now also being used quite regularly by real estate companies. Camera drones are being flown over to the site in question and clients are able to get a brief idea of the land and its surroundings. Based on the videos and photos taken by the drone, if the buyer is convinced then physical site visits are set up for him.