Nokia 8110 Review: Redesigned and Improved

It was 1996 when the first Nokia 8110 got released and like the one back then even with a new design, it’s still got the slider that allows you to answer calls. The new 8110 has 4G and sports a 2MP camera unlike the original. Not the best camera quality but what would you expect for £65.

My first thought when I got the 8110 is how much it looks like a banana, and that’s exactly what Nokia has called it. It’s curved, it’s yellow and it reminds me of a banana. The phone does come in black but why would you want to be so boring, it’s all about the bright yellow phone. You might get a little stick from your friends when you pull it from your pocket to answer that important call but who cares, it’s all about being retro.


Of course, we are in the modern age so 4G connectivity is a must. The 4G ensures you’re able to use a range of new apps such as Whatsapp and even Google Maps. There is a 2MP rear camera with flash and even the quality of images are really low it does give the phone that extra retro feel. Nokia has also included the game, snake. But don’t get too excited, the new snake game slightly disappoints me due to the fact that it’s nothing like the original. The new improved graphics takes away the retro feel.

Now Nokia has made some pretty bold claims, stating the 8110 will last for 25 days on a single charge. Now I’ve been using the phone for about 2 weeks albeit not all the time but I must say the battery life is standing up. I reckon I have about another 2 weeks before the battery is depleted. The phone runs on the KaiOS which is a Linux based operating system


The 8110 are selling at £65.

Now it’s probably unlikely to replace your smartphone but it’s great for a second phone. If you fancy a retro feel and look then try the Nokia 8110.