Hacker Bypass iPhone Passcode to Access Photos and Contacts on iOS 12

Jose Rodriguez a Youtuber who regularly posts videos about security flaws have discovered that there is a way to bypass the passcode on iPhones (even the latest ones) running iOS 12.

In the video, he shows how it’s possible to access the photos and contacts of the iPhone without inputting the passcode. The method starts by asking Siri to enable voiceover. He then uses a second phone and then calls the targetted iPhone. Whilst the phone is ringing he opens the messages menu and sends a text from the second phone. A blank screen then appears but using Siri voiceover he gets into the menu and accesses the targetted iPhone. I am surprised that this is still possible providing Apple previously had a similar flaw whereby you could use the emergency number on the iPhone and bypass the passcode.

It will all make sense once you check out the video below: