Xcube Master – Fun 3D Puzzle Game

Great puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes. Grid-based classics like Tetris hold a special place in the hearts of many, while adventure game series like The Legend of Zelda and others have used problem-solving scenarios as the main barriers toward progress. They all share a common theme, though — the capacity to make you rack your brain as you figure them out. The very best puzzle games leave you pondering solutions or marveling at their designs even after you’ve set down the controller. We’ve scouted the App Store in order to find a great puzzle game for our readers and discovered one. It’s called Xcube Master!

What is Xcube Master?

Xcube Master is a puzzle game with a whole new concept, like nothing you’ve seen before. It is actually a puzzler with a fully rotatable 360 cube, one that can be enjoyed on both iPhone and iPad. The game is designed with innovative mechanics, wonderful graphics and a very fun gameplay. Plus, it is free to use and lightweight app.

Gameplay & Features

Xcube Master is some kind of spin-off to the classic cube puzzle games. So if you are a lover of the good old Tetris or Rubicks cube, you will certainly adore this game too. The rules are very simple. All you have to do is rotate the cube and place the different shaped puzzle blocks at the appropriate places to create a line and destroy it. You can compete with other worldwide players as well. The game features a Multiplayer option for users to play against others, to join and challenge in leagues, and so much more. Moreover, there will be awesome power-ups to boost your play. Collect points and diamonds, unlock new powerful boosters and even choose the style of your gameplay. Buy all kinds of cool themes to customize your gaming experience, complete fun daily quests and earn rewards.

Download the Xcube Master for free from the App Store to see if you can become the ultimate winner.

Official Website: Xcube Master