How to Install Vidmate App on iOS?

How to Install Vidmate App on iOS

iPhone is just a classy phone. It has huge collection of products to make your life much easier. There are so many smart phones in a market now a days. Every brand is launching their new phone with smart features every 5 to 6 months.  The competition among those smart phones no doubt is very tough. But all of us already know that who is the winner of this race. Yes Apple! IPhone currently have a largest number of users in the world. After the launch of IPhone X and iPhone X Max on 11 September 2018, everyone is going crazy about it. Trust me you should because the new Apple iPhone is just unbelievable.  But I know it is little advanced for use. Apple store does not allowed you to download every App. They prefer quality above quantity. You might have heard about Vidmate apk for iOS. I am going to give a little more information about Vidmate App for iOS. Keep in mind that the content posted by website like John doe is completely virus and spam free

You watch a lot of videos or movies on your iPhone, but here the question is how to download them on your apple phone? Vidmate apk for iOS is solution to your trouble. Let’s see How to Install Vidmate App on iOS.

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What is Vidmate App for iOS?

Vidmate is best downloading App for iOS. It has wonderful results no doubt. Vidmate for iOS enables you to see live streaming videos, clips, sports, news, movies and every other desired ting without any interruption. Moreover it allows access to some famous websites like YouTube, dailymotion and some others. You can also download videos on your Apple phone directly using Vidmate. The best thing is it is absolutely free of cost and you can use it any time to get best results.

How to Install Vidmate App on iOS:

You don’t need to computer scientist in order to download Vidmate on iOS. There is no special or extra care for that. Just follow few steps below and you are done.

  • Firstly open browser in your phone, and go to website of 9apps store. Here you will find app for downloading 2017 version of this App.
  • Click and the download button. Before that they will give you the warning of its disadvantages. But don’t worry it is not going to damage any of your phone data.
  • Once the download is completed you will get the notification. Then initiate the installation process.
  • It will ask the permission to have an access to you media and videos. Click “ok” and launch the App.
  • You are done. Now enjoy your favorite videos, movies, sports and much more with Vidmate For iOS app.



  • It is absolutely free.
  • Download all those media in the HD prints.
  • You can download the Mp3 version of songs.
  • You can have access to all of your favorites TV shows as well.
  • It enables you to watch stored videos even without internet connection.
  • Much more.


I hope the above information is useful for you. Download Vidmate For iOS now and enjoy it’s all features.


Source  – The Tiny Tech