The Best Thin Cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Your iPhone XS and XS Max are thin sleek and a nice looking phone. No wonder you refuse to put a clunky case on it to hide it looks. Lucky for you, iPhoneGlance have put together a few of the best thin cases on the market for your new Apple handset. Thin cases are perfect for protecting your device against everyday bumps and scratches, however, they are not great for protecting the phone from falls. If you are looking for extra protection it’s worth getting a rugged case. Check out the thin cases below.

TORRAS Ultra Slim

The TORRAS is 0.03 inches thick and 0.65 oz in weight. The Matte finish makes the case stands out. It does offer a really good protection from the everyday scuffs and scratches.

iPhone XS Max £11.99

iPhone XS £9.99

Totallee Thin

The Totallee is an ultra-thin pocket-friendly case for everyday protection against scratches and bumps. It’s even thinner than the TORRAS at 0.02 thickness and 0.1 oz in weight. It also supports wireless charging.

iPhone XS Max $29

iPhone XS $29

ESR Slim Soft

Only a 1mm thick, no bulk to your phone at all. It’s also got a raised edge in-order to protect your iPhone screen. It has a soft TPU which offers better protection than some hard case.

iPhone XS Max £15.99

iPhone XS £9.99