Take a Look at The Crazy Amount of Money Professional Fortnite Players are Making

Fortnite is undoubtedly the biggest game of 2018 and there’s a lot of money to be made. Professional players generally take part in events such as Epic Games’ Fall and Summer Skirmish and Keemstar’s Fortnite Fridays. Some professionals make a lot on Twitch as well.

EsportsEarnings has released a list of earnings for some professional Fortnite players. We have taken a snapshot of the top 29 from the list and straight away you can see that there is some large amount of money to earn. The top earner Bizzle real name Timothy Miller earned $322,275.00. In second is POACH real name Jake Brumleve with earnings at a tidy $277,975.00. That amount of money is ridiculous just to play a game. The prize money is no doubt set to increase as the Fortnite World Cup will be coming in 2019, so even more events and money. Check out the list below: