Assemblr – Visualize Ideas in 3D & AR

Awesome iOS apps come in all price ranges, whether they’re the free app of the week or a more premium investment. Truly great apps, though, are the ones that become essential from the moment you download them. Smartphone applications are a boon to those who have accustomed to a smart lifestyle. Among the mainstream lot of social media and usage apps, we bring to you one of the most unique yet useful apps to make your life a tad bit easier. Meet Assemblr!

What is Assemblr?

Assemblr is a highly unique app that lets users across the world visualize their ideas in a much better way. This app works like a content creation platform that helps  you to visualize your ideas better, in 3D and AR. It is suitable for both iPhone and iPad that support iOS 9.0 or later and it’s totally free to use. Designed with friendly user interface and many cool features, Assemblr is here to improve the way you’re presenting your ideas.

Assemblr Features

Sometimes it can be quite a hassle to visualize or present your ideas, whether to your friends or even potential clients. That’s why Assemblr was created, the help you in the best way possible. The app lets you create 3D contents which could be presented with AR, just by using your smartphone or tablet. It offers tons of intuitive tools in the Build Mode, where you can create hundreds of creations using your imagination and creativity. Create characters, settings, and stories using basic geometries and colors, and then easily present your 3D models and ideas with Augmented Reality, in every angle, or even in real size.

Moreover, you will be able to explore and browse through tons of artworks posted by other users. In the community, you can like, share and comment on each other’s creations. Engage in monthly competitions to win amazing rewards and use the app’s premium version to leverage your business. Showing your product in a good and professional way is critical and is crucial to your success, so use Assemblr to visualize your brand/IP/project in a more appealing way.

You can get the Assemblr from the App Store – it’s free for download!