Keep Your Personal Files Private with cryptoBox

Apple builds some security and privacy protection into its iPhones and iPads by default. Its iMessage protocol, for instance, uses end-to-end encryption when sending messages to other Apple devices. This is no different in iOS 11, the most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system. There are a number of ways to protect your privacy in iOS with Apple’s own settings but there are also plenty of third-party applications that can further help you to control your data.

We’ve reviewed of the best iPhone security apps that can aid you in keeping your information secure. It’s called cryptoBox!

What is cryptoBox?

cryptoBox is a powerful app that protects your device against hackers and data theft. With it, you will keep your personal files private and your reputation safeguarded. The app is designed with intuitive user interface, many features, and works with devices that support iOS 9.1 or later. cryptoBox is created for military members, spies, detectives, analysts, investigators, celebrities, diplomats, lawyers, financial officers, fortune 100 business founders, etc.

How Does cryptoBox Work?

Ordinary protection has proven to be unsuitable and unreliable, so one developer team worked hard and brought us the cryptoBox app. This security tool uses high levels of privacy and security, to be more precise it keeps your data safe by encrypting it with AES256 (which is trusted as a Top Secret information protection standard). cryptoBox provides with simple and flexible MilCryptor Stealthy Protection (MSP) that will certainly keep your data secure. Moreover, only you can decrypt your info. Custom stealth parameters allow login to be hidden, others will only see the accounts that appear in the remembered list when they open cryptoBox, but you will know the secret user that can reveal the TouchID or FaceID and open your cryptoBox using fingerprint or facial recognition.

The app lets you save up to 80% storage space by compressing your huge videos to HD, VGA or sharp quality. You can take photos or videos directly with the app’s built-in camera, share documents, audio recordings or other files, export files, access your data when offline, sync your data between devices, store unlimited amount of data, and so much more.

Protect your personal data against hackers and data theft, let the cryptoBox app keep them highly secure with AES-256 encryption keys. You can download the app for free from the App Store or get the Pro version by subscribing weekly. This way you’ll get access to all existing local functions and cloud services. Read more information about it on its official website!

Official Website: cryptoBox