Hoover AXI Wi-Fi Connected 10Kg Washing Machine – Review

This outstanding graphite washing machine is one of the latest on the market from Hoover. It is ideal for larger households with its huge 10 kg drum.

The big drum is positioned at the top of the unit, so there was no painful bending down when loading the laundry in. But I think what really impressed me was the operating panel. It was so simple and definitely was not cluttered.

Some washing machines that I have owned in the past have so many options and dials along with this switch option and that, it was like trying to operate the starship Enterprise. Thankfully, the Hoover AXI is just not like this.

It uses touch control as its method of operating and I found the panel to be smooth and not clunky as some touch panels so often are. But don’t worry about the kids in those large households you have, as there is a childproof lockout system.

What was puzzling to me was the LED display system. I might be progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to technology, but an LCD display would surely have looked a little bit more contemporary?

But does it give out a good wash? Absolutely. It has some dynamic technology in its Auto Dose System. This is where the Hoover washing machine dispenses just the right amount of detergent for up to 21 washes.

Then there is the Total Care Program: a washing guide for dummies as it resembles a kind of plug and play operation rather than a difficult and intuitive instruction manual read.

The Total Care Program takes care of everything: just like it says. It will wash cotton, mixed colours, and synthetic cloth, all in the one cycle. The days of separating the whites from colours are banished here.

Also impressive is the energy rating of this Hoover AXI. Is it really possible to beat a rank of A+++? This means your utility bills are going to be noticeably lower and you can be doing the environment a small favour in the meantime. The larger your family, the bigger the saving you are likely to make.

Moreover, the Hoover AXI  is set up for the future and is ready to go to the next level in kitchen technology. It connects to the household Wi-Fi which means it works for smart kitchens, which will one day soon grace every kitchen across the country. You can control the machine with the Hoover wizard app. This allows you to connect remotely so you can control, monitor and manage the machine through the app. The app also allows you to monitor energy consumption and even receive alert and messages. My favourite feature of the app is the fact that it checks the upcoming weather and suggests the best time to do your washing.

The app is available on both Apple Appstore and Google Play store.

I’ve used the machine for a few days now and overall it is the best washing machine I have used so far. I am quite surprised because I generally associate Hoover with vacuum cleaners and not washing machines but they have certainly done well with making washing machines that every household should have. The size is perfect for a 5 person family home and the fact that it’s compatible with an app makes life just that little better.

You can pick up the Hoover AXI Wifi connected 10 Kg at AO.com for only £550. The Hoover AXI comes in two colours graphite or white.