KidsLipi – iOS App Built for Kids to Learn the Basics of Hindi & Gujarati Languages

Over the last couple of decades, the education industry has undergone a huge transformation. With the arrival of apps, learning has become easily accessible, which makes it much more interesting for students of all ages. Nowadays, there are many apps that can help your kid learn and keep his attention at the same time. We looked and we found one amazing education app for your kid to learn the basics of Hindi and Gujarati languages easily while having fun. The app is called KidsLipi!

What is KidsLipi?

KidsLipi is one amazing education app which is developed for iOS users and specially created for kids to easily learn the basics of Hindi and Gujarati languages. The app offers features such as unique kid-friendly illustrations, clear audio, and a safe environment for children to learn while keeping their attention constantly. One click, sign-up with Facebook or Google account and with simple design and easy navigation for switching between categories for kids to focus on learning new words.

Why do we love this education app?

The education app uses kid-friendly illustrations, as well as clear audio pronunciations in each language and for non-native speakers, the words can also be read in English too. Cute Illustrations are available, and they are highly kid-friendly helping kids understand animals, colors, shapes, foods, and more. Clear audio pronunciation in every language is offered as well to help kids learn languages better and faster and currently, there are two languages available on the learning app, Hindi and Gujarati.

The kids’ learning app is offering more than 200 words for learning and over 20+ categories and activities for the kids to learn in multiple languages and focus when learning each word. The parents can try the limited version of the app without registration and with registering they are getting free access to premium categories for 7 days. The Hindi and Gujarati colors, shapes, and more are available for in-app purchase, after 7 days of trial period.

Download the app for 7 days free trial on the App Store for your kid to learn the basics of Hindi and Gujarati languages!

Official Website: KidsLipi