QRKool is All about Organizing Personal stuff

Taking care of our belongings is really important and also a bit tough job. For this QRKool is all about to solve your this problem. It is a mobile application and also a personal organizer. One can easily find and share his or her belongings with friends and family. Like, this it makes your managing the things easy. It’s not only good for your professional life but it’s also good for your day-to-day life. 

QRKool Features:

 Photo taking the feature
 Make your own portfolio of the product
 Option for multi-tag a single photo
 Relative tags to find items
 Search option through which you can search for your stored item
 User account for the security
 Share Authority feature to give authority of accessing your account. 
 FAQ question 
 Available in two languages
 Shop option
 Tutorial feature to understand the application

Merits of using QRKool:

This app is really helpful in managing your belonging. In case if you forget any of your things or find it hard to find your items then QRKool can be your friend in need. It is very much useful in your personal and business life. For the small retailers and warehouse it can be very much helpful for making the process easy. One can easily make the product portfolio with all the detailed description of the item. From its multi tag feature, you can tag many items within one photo. This eliminates the needs of taking different photos. You can make changes in your user profile. From that one can also check the storage space. 

How to use this application

Using this application is not a difficult task as per my experience. From this app, you can make notes of your items. From the photo taking feature, you can take the photo and make your koolbox which will be like your virtual containercontaining name and description of the item. Whenever you forget the location of your item where you put up then just open the app and check the notes or photos. From its two options of “Full Control” and “Read Only” you can give the authority to anyone.   

You just need to upload all the required details and all things done. Whenever you want to recall your things, you just need to open the app and check the details to find your belonging location. In this way, it eliminates your burden. 


QRKool is a great app for managing things. Just try it once and make your managing easy. I would like to highly recommend it to those who work in the warehouse, professionals, and travelers. Thanks for reading. 

Summary: QRKool is a managing app. It makes it easy for the user to recall the place where the items were placed.

 Features: 3.5
 Usability: 4
 Accessibility: 3.5
 Accessibility: 4