Morphy Richards Evoke 23 Litre Microwave – Review

What a sound way to prepare your favourite meals than to do so with Morphy Richards latest microwave. It is ideal for those living in flats and smaller households because it really does combine a dynamic 800 watts of power with five power levels to choose from, so you will never have to wait very long to enjoy those wonderful creations you have prepared.

It has a capacity of 23 litres, a defrost function and a digital display type. Cooking is actually fun on this oven because it has 8 recipes pre-programmed in – so if you decide to have a tasty fish dish or cook up some popcorn ready for watching the latest movie, it is a case of press, wait and cook.There is an automated cooking function, which allows the perfect time and temperature for any meal you wish to cook. The Morphy Richards Evoke 511512 23 Litre Microwave has five power levels to choose from, so it is worth remembering not all meals need to be cooked on full power, and that by selecting a lower power output, you can save on your energy bills.

Although this small microwave is the perfect fit for those living in apartments and one-bedroom homes with tiny kitchens, it does cater for a large plate or dish to fit in on the inside. It weighs just 13 kg but the turntable diameter is a rather impressive 27 cm.

This makes this microwave very portable and easy to move around. The automatic programming is its best feature because it really does take away the guesswork of microwave cooking.

Many times people ask, “How long do you think I should cook this potato in the microwave, prior to it going into the main oven for a jacket spud?” The pre-programmed functions not only cook for the right length of time but at the correct wattage too – and with the extra power levels, it’s good to know this microwave can just cook away while you wait for the perfect meal to be produced from this dynamic little oven.

The general consensus of opinion from users, and us alike tend to be that the microwave oven is easy to use and its smaller size means it will not take up too much space in your compact kitchen. Moreover, it has a low price tag for its powerful features at only £119. The Morphy Richards microwave comes in three colours, red, black and cream.

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